Ethics Reporting

The Washington Companies are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in all its dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve. We embrace business practices that create long-term value and enhance our reputation for honesty, integrity and safety. We provide this portal to help employees put ethics into action.

Report an incident online

Report an incident about workplace issues that are violations of our ethical code. Please select the appropriate Washington Company:
Blue Water Rail Services
Modern Machinery
Montana Rail Link
Montana Resources
Pipestone Quarry
Seaspan ULC Shared Services
Seaspan Marine Transportation
Seaspan Shipyards
SRY Rail Link
Washington Corporations

Review submitted incident

To monitor progress on a submitted incident, log in with your report number and password.
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Prefer a person?

Contact our 24×7 hotline and they will be happy to assist you.
(800) 235-6302 Canada
(800) 461-9330 U.S.A.
Other countries

Who is Convercent?

Convercent is our ethics reporting partner. They provide an easy-to-use and confidential hotline and incident reporting system for all of the Washington Companies.

What should I report here?

  • This is NOT AN EMERGENCY SERVICE. Immediate threats to life and property should be reported to 911 or local emergency responder.
  • Not everything is an ethical violation. View a list of ethical incident types
  • Contact Human Resources if your incident is not an ethical violation.

Will my call or incident report remain anonymous?

Convercent provides three options to suit the level of confidentiality you require.

Remain completely anonymous:

You will not reveal your name or contact information to The Washington Companies or our ethics reporting partner. Your identity is completely protected on the incident report.

Remain anonymous toward organization:

You are comfortable revealing your name and contact information to our ethics reporting partner, but not to The Washington Companies. This partner may contact you confidentially to gather additional information, but will not reveal your identity at any time to The Washington Companies.

Share my name and information:

You do not care about anonymity. You choose to reveal your name and identity to both The Washington Companies and to our ethics reporting partner.

Who will see the incident report?

After you submit an incident, your report will be received by our ethics reporting partner and sent to the individuals deemed appropriate within The Washington Companies. The Washington Companies handle all incident reports according to their internal investigatory procedures.