Modern Machinery

Modern Machinery uses Smart Construction to bring real value to customers


Modern Machinery is using advanced technology to improve jobsite and its customers’ bottom lines.

Modern Machinery, a leading Komatsu distributer, offers equipment featuring Intelligent Machine Control, with more than 400 intelligent machines in service. Now Modern Machinery customers can use those machines with Komatsu Smart Construction technology to transform jobsites. 

Komatsu’s suite of Smart Construction solutions helps customers with construction planning. The integrated tools allow for better management and scheduling, streamlined costs, and optimized processes, all in near real time from anywhere.

“It makes everything easier for the operator,” Michael Blankenship, Modern’s Smart Construction Manager, said.

Smart Construction Dashboard is designed to be used daily and combines data from multiple sources into one comprehensive picture. Smart Construction Dashboard provides contractors with 3D graphic visualization of all design, drone and machine data to measure cut/fills, quantities, and productivity. Site progress can be viewed with timeline functions in terms of whole-site visuals, cross-sections, and individual measurements.

“It’s able to give us real-time topography,” Blankenship said. “We can get progress results from day 1 to day 200 or anywhere in between. You’ll be able to get real-time feedback of your as-builts of what your machines have done that day.”

Smart Construction Dashboard is part of Komatsu’s Smart Construction Solutions, an umbrella of smart applications created to help construction customers optimize their business remotely, and in near real time. 

For smaller operations that do not have the resources to do their own aerial jobsite mapping, Modern Machinery will soon be offering drone modeling. Modern has FAA-certified operators and will begin offering the service in 2024. 

Modern also has solutions for crews that do no have Intelligent Machine equipment. With Smart Construction Retrofit, standalone technology can be added on to existing equipment at a fraction of the price of other competing solutions.

Photo Caption: Drone surveys can be completed at often fractions of the price of a traditional survey.