The Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation is the major philanthropic organization for The Washington Companies and the Washington family.

Funding for the Foundation comes from the profits of The Washington Companies and personal contributions from the Washington Family.

When Phyllis and I were starting our family in Missoula, she was teaching at Prescott School and I was working construction jobs. As with any new family, we worked hard, but with support from friends and family, we overcame many obstacles to achieve the success we enjoy today.

Dennis and Phyllis Washington

The Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation was started as our way of giving back to the people and communities that have been so important to our success. Since its inception in 1988, the Foundation’s mission has remained unchanged – helping the most vulnerable realize their full potential.

To that end, we have focused our Foundation’s efforts to support innovative programs that give individuals and families the tools they need to succeed in life from birth to career.

Through our Foundation’s investments, we hope to help society as a whole by creating opportunities that inspire youth, and those that simply need a hand-up, to achieve their dreams.

Dennis Washington

Phyllis J. Washington

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