Safely providing efficient transportation solutions to our customers & partners

“MRL provides services that have a positive impact on the economy and communities in which we live and serve. Our employees are vital to ensuring that these standards remain in place and secure our strategic advantage within the transportation sector.”

Derek Ollmann, President, Montana Rail Link

MRL at a glance

Based in Missoula, Montana Rail Link (MRL) is a Class II regional railroad that operates over 900 route miles of track in Montana and Idaho and employs nearly 1,200 dedicated professionals. MRL services over 150 local Montana businesses and moves their products to domestic and international markets on a daily basis. MRL remains committed to providing transportation services that result in long-term growth and prosperity for the company, and its customers and employees.


Route Miles


Property Taxes Paid



Regional railroad specializing in personalized short-line service

While transportation of freight is MRL’s primary line of business, we also offer real estate leasing, surplus equipment sales, transloading, and car storage services. MRL is committed to the safety of all employees, the general public, its customers, and to being a good neighbor in the communities it serves.

Ship Freight

As a BNSF partner, MRL’s rail shipments help feed, clothe, supply and power American and international homes and businesses every day. Shipping by rail is safe, economical and good for the environment. We meet your specific requirements and understand your concerns for safety and efficiency.

Real Estate

While MRL’s primary activity is transporting freight, we offer many services for utilizing Railroad property.


MRL has the network access you need to get your shipment from A to B. With MRL’s exclusive transload network, your freight goes into a rail served facility, where it is moved from the railcar into a truck (two + per carload) and is then delivered to its final destination by truck.


Whether loaded or empty, multiple unit trains or smaller blocks, short-term or long-term, MRL’s northern climate stands out as the best answer to your car storage needs.


Derek Ollmann

Derek Ollmann, president of Montana Rail Link, has been with Washington Companies for more than 20 years. He is a seasoned international railroad executive with expertise in multinational railroad logistics, operations and management. Over his lengthy career, Mr. Ollmann helped Washington Companies vastly and efficiently expand their North American railway network.